words and music by aceilux

1. Shelter / シェルター (04:10) FM Yokohama「M-ZONE」ED 

2. Piper Says / パイパー・セッズ (02:58)

3. Whisper Of Love / ウィスパー・オブ・ラヴ (04:51)

4. No Ordinary / ノー・オーディナリー (04:50)

5. Fragile / フラジャイル (05:08)

6. Rain Don't Rain / レイン・ドント・レイン (06:10)

7. Up Up Away / アップ・アップ・アウェイ (05:07)

8. Where River Flows / ホェア・リヴァー・フロウズ (06:04)

9. Shine / シャイン(04:27)  ’95NEWランサーCM曲 

10. Crane Of Blue / クレーン・オブ・ブルー (04:44)

Debut album recorded in`95 in Tokyo and New York released by Video Arts Music.
Recorded at (New York)Sorcerer Sounds Recording,River Sound Studio ,
(Japan) Hitoguchizaka Studio,Victor Studio,Yamanaka ko Studio

Artists credits:
aceilux : vocals+acoustic guitar ,vocal effects and samples

Hiram Bullock : electric guitar
  Knox Chandler : electric guit
 Bravo Komatsu : electric guitar & noise effects

Peter Scherer : keyboards
 Joy Askew : piano and keyboards Hoppy Kamiyama : syn,samples,violin

Sara Lee : bass 
 Eric Sanko : bass
 Takahiro Hosoki : bass

Jerry Marotta : drums and percussions  
Shuichi Ponta Murakami : drums and percussions
 Yoshiaki Ochi : percussions
 Yoshiisa Ochi : percussions 

Jane Scarpantoni : cello
  Matthew Pierce : violin and viola

All songs mixed at River Sound by Gary Rindafuss.
All other songs recorded at Sorcerer Sound Studio and River Sound (NY)by Gary Rindafuss
Shelter *Fragile recorded at Kawaguchiko Studio (JPN)by Hideo Takao..
Shine recorded at Music Inn and Itoguchizaka Studio (JPN) by Ucchiy Uchiumi.

Mastered at Master Disks by Greg Calabi.

Produced by aceilux